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Portable EWI performance compact setup

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

I have been dreaming the opportunity to play music in public area such as church, nursing homes again and made design of the portable EWI performance setup while ago.

As pandemic is getting under control, I decided to proceed to make it. After multiple trials and erros, finally I was able to load the hardshell carrying casebox with a laptop PC, audio interface, multiple small synths, software synths and midi devices. In fact, I was able to create a very effective and compact system. I had to use all of my midi and audio processing knowledge to make the system sounds really well with EWI playing - solo, ensemble, chorus, backing , etc. One of challenges was to deal with buzzing or huming noise/ground issue as all devices are connected into only one power cable. Thanks to hardware remedies as well as noise reduction VST plugin, I was able to overcome that issue. Now my system produces clear, beautiful & powerful synth sounds - analog as well as digital.

Let's start!

Open the carrying case...

Basic setup - Thinkpad X230 Laptop with Panda midi, MeeBlip cubit go

Forcursrite Scarlett 8i6 3rd generation audio interface

Yamaha V70-m (physical modeling synth)

Moog workstat-01 with Syxty Four Pixels CV.OCD midi to CV box (It is Moog!)

Dynasample XpressO (sample based synth)

Syxty Four Pixels CV.OCD midi to CV box

Power hub / cable

Add Primary Extension

Extension1 : Craftsynth 2.0 (digital synth), Korg NTS-1(digital synth & effect)

EWI5000 wireless audio output

Donner Audio Mixer Portable

Expression foot pedal with Audiofront MIDI Expression interface

Rolls MB15b ProMatch Active Stero Converter Direct Box

Add Secondary Extension

Extension 2 : DSI Mopho analog synth

Korg Volca Keys analog synth

Roland SE-02 synth(analog) with CV.OCD (midi to CV)

Logidy UMI3 MIDI over USB Foot Controller

Midiplus 32-key MIDI Keyboard (AKM320)

Wireless Keypad & Mouse for XpressO control

Now the best portable EWI performance system all set!

Let's go out playing music! (Praise God!)

Materials & Devices

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