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Portable VL70-m gear setup

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I am thinking of a battery-powered VL70-m gear setup so I can play EWI anywhere. Probably I will start building up this once COVID-19 social isolation is lifted.

1. Laptop computer : my old Thinkpad X230

- need longer lasting battery pack : Lenovo ThinkPad X230 44+ Battery

- Panda wireless midi receiver

- DAW : Cantabile performer with multiple effects VSTs

2. VL70-m with Patchman Turbo chip

- powered by an external USB battery pack

- need USB to 12V DC Power cable myVolts Ripcord

- Patches edited by VL-Wizard software

3. Audio/MIDI interface : Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen ( 4 audio inputs ) or 2!2 3rd Gen (2 audio inputs)

- 2 audio inputs for VL70-m

- other 2 audio inputs for other synthesizer(s)

4. 2U Rack Carrying case : Studio Flyer 2U

5. Other synths : Craft synth 2 or XpressO (may need another myVolts Ripcord)

6. PA system - BOSS S1 pro

7. EWI 5000 + Panda midi wireless + Hot hand wireless

Addendum on 9/19/20

- I found a Audient iD4 USB 2-in/2-out High Performance Audio Interface is a better gear for this purpose. The synth(s) should be connected as mono input.

- iD4 does not have midi ports. Then MeeBlip cubit go: USB MIDI interface will be needed.

It seems a CASEMATIX Hard Case VR headset case might be an economic option for carrying case.

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