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EWI-Re-Trumpet (EWI + re.corder + Trumpet ?)

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

I created a trumpet style EWI controller by using the Artinoise re.corder. So I call it "EWI-Re-Trumpet." I have already upgraded it for several times since this project had completed. My goal is to create the midi wind controller designated for trumpet sound modules such as Audiomodeling trumpet, Samplemodeling trumpet, V-horns trumpet, etc. So I can feel like playing a trumpet, or at least, looks like playing a trumpet.

The Artinoise re.corder is light weighted and allows custom fingering. It also has the motion sensor which is good for extra sound modulation such as growl, portamento, etc.

Extra midi functions such as bite sensor, pitch bend, key switch buttons, flutter pad were added by using the Audiofront MIDI expression IO, which is connected via the CME WIDI wireless Bluetooth transmitter.

Materials used for this project

Snapshots on this project

MIDI Expression IO setup

*** Update : SOME re.corders work better with previous firmware (version 07.03. current firmware version is 07.04)- less key errors, especially octave keys. I couldn't figure why there is difference per each device. I uploaded this firmware updater file for android devices here.

Download ZIP • 2.33MB

Update 1. I made an EWI-Re-Trumpet 2 with upgraded design and functions 9/7/2023

Update 2. I made an EWI-Re-Trumpet 1 into wired midi version as I used its wireless midi parts to make the EWI-Re-Trumpet 2.

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