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New Project : Augmented YDS-120 Performance Version : Trinity (updated)

Updated: Apr 28

I have meticulously devised plans to develop an enhanced iteration of my augmented YDS-120, which I have christened the Trinity edition. Tailored for professional performance, it will boast advanced features such as a bite sensor for precise pitch control and vibrato, as well as motion control for nuanced expressions like portamento, growling , etc. Drawing from my extensive experience in modifying the YDS series, this version will epitomize reliability and accuracy, elevating it to the status of a professional MIDI saxophone.

Adorned in sleek black, this rendition signifies a culmination of my expertise. I anticipate the completion of this project by June, contingent upon the availability of materials to create this. Upon its successful realization, I may entertain the notion of offering this model to individuals who have expressed interest in acquiring my instruments.

Features ;

  • bite sensor : can be set for pitch bend/vibrato or LFO style auto-vibrato

  • motion sensor : x/y/tilt , can be set for various expressions such as growl, portamento , volume control, etc.

  • improved octave keys on YDS

  • improved joystick controller on YDS

  • waterproof system for breath sensor

  • rechargeable battery with USB charging

  • multiple midi buttons from Noise Machine NM2

  • full wireless Bluetooth midi

  • real saxophone neck and bell : beautiful black color

Update on 4/19/24 : saxophone neck and mouthpiece

Update on 4/20/24 : Alto Saxopohone Bell harvested

Update on 4/26/24 : completed

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