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Boston Onnuri Worship School Testimony

Updated: May 4

I have always thought and practiced worshiping every week as something natural. However, as worship became routine, instead of seriously contemplating whether I am worshiping God wholeheartedly as His child, I judged the sincerity and focus of worship based on my feelings, circumstances of the day, church atmosphere, and people's reactions. Through this worship school, listening to the pastor's lectures, and having honest conversations with fellow believers, I have reconsidered my understanding of true worship and how it encompasses my entire life as a worshiper. Here are my thoughts:

Firstly, worship is the spiritual climax where God's revelation meets my response. The reason I can live with faith and conviction as a Christian is because of God's living presence and companionship. Whenever I am shaken amidst life's difficulties, I can overcome spiritual stagnation when I realize and fully believe that God's revelation, found in the Bible, sustains me. Sunday worship becomes incredibly precious to me as it reveals the living presence of God through His Word and praise, especially in moments of His intervention and revelation.

Secondly, worship is a time to respond to God alongside the Holy Spirit and seek greater spiritual fullness. Reflecting on past worship experiences, I realized that I had not recognized the Holy Spirit within me and had worshiped according to my thoughts and feelings. True worship, offered in spirit and truth, is what our Heavenly Father seeks. When I accepted Jesus as my Savior, the Holy Spirit came upon me. He cared for me, interceded for me, and led me beyond my self-centered desires to follow the path of Jesus. The Holy Spirit enables my soul to perceive God's Word proclaimed and helps me respond fully with my lips. I now seek the Holy Spirit's assistance more earnestly before worship. I believe that our gracious Heavenly Father abundantly adds to us when we seek the Holy Spirit in worship.

Thirdly, worship is a life of reverence for God. I confess that the one who gives meaning and purpose to my life is God Himself. Therefore, the most meaningful life for me is one that fulfills God's will and plan. However, without intimate communion and personal relationship with God, His will cannot be known. Living each day, holding onto a steadfast relationship with God and running life's race, so that others may see God's holiness and Jesus' love in me, is true worship in life.

Though my faith is still weak and feeble, I am deeply grateful that the living God, who deserves all glory, honor, and love, accepts my worship. I hope to become a true worshiper sought by the Lord. I earnestly seek the help of the Holy Spirit.

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