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Developing a trumpet style EWI controller

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

I have been thinking of making a trumpet style EWI controller. More precisely, I should say a designated EWI controller for trumpet sound modules such as Sample modeling trumpet , Audio modeling trumpet, V-horns trumpets , or VL synthesizers trumpet patches.

Trumpet has 3 valves - 3 finger-keys. But I will have to keep the EWI fingering because I don't know 3 finger-trumpet fingering at all. I am going to customize the instrument fingering for trumpet style playing.

After reviewing current wind controllers on the market, I decided to use an Artinoise re.corder platform again as it can allow customized fingering and it is very light.

I am planning to have this controller with multiple midi expression functions such as growl, flutter, portamento, and physical key switch buttons for falls, doit, glissando, etc.

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