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Yamaha TX81Z FM synthesizer

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

I obtained a Yamaha TX81Z synthesizer from Japan via e-bay. This synth is a rack version of DX11, one of the best selling Yamaha synthesizer in 1980s. It is very inexpensive nowadays but has great potential for various sounds. It also allow MIDI breath control to modulate the sounds. I added it to my iPAD EWI rack along with Yamaha VL70-m and Roland XV-2020. As it is a very old synth, I updated its ROM and changed the internal battery.

To edit the patch parameter in real time, I also added a used Novation ZeRo SLMKII midi controller which has TZ81Z automat presets.

1) PC Patch editor & Librarian

- I use a TX81Z programmer :

2) iPAD Patch editor : For live perforamance, I use a Patch base which has TX81Z editor and libarian.

3) Patches - there are many free & commerical patches on the internet.

4) User community : Facebook group

5) TX81Z freeware public-domain patch banks (circa 2012~2016)

I have been learning FM synthesis and got to know how to set a TX81Z for EWI. Now I have 3 types of synthesizers in my mobile synth rack - physical modeling, analog synthesizer and FM synthesizer. Of course, iPAD provide multipe software synthesizer options as well.

Let's make music!

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