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Way Maker (Moog Werkstat-01) : Performance settting

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

I recorded a short video for one of my favorite gospel song. It is played with Moog werkstat-01 and EWI 5000.

Werstat-01 Patch setting : Saw Lead

2. Set up Breath to control expressiveness of Werkstat-01

- EWI sends midi cc # 2 to CV.OCD midi to CV.OCD sends CV to Werkstat-01 (it also sends CV to Moog Mother 32)

- I use Moog Mother 32 to send note pitch data to Werkstat-01 (KB output to VCO EXP FM IN). CV.OCD can send note pitch CV to Wekstat-01 but it does not support glide (portamento).

- Midi food pedal control Moog Mother 32 glide ( midi cc #5), Mother 32 control the glide function of Werkstat-01

3. Set up bite sensor controlled vibrato - MVibrato VST

- MIDI map : EWI bite sensor ( midi cc #1) to control rate of MVIBRATO VST on DAW (I use a Cantabile performer)

- Route Audio out from Werkstat-01 to MVIBRATO VST

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