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Synth sound VSTs for EWI

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Here is some Synth VST instruments which respond well to wind controllers like EWI. I will continue to update this page.

1). Freeware software

- Open Source synth : Surge

- IFW (Software Synth for Wind Controllers)

Available from Facebook group : IFW

2) Commercial Software

- Historic Juno 60 emulation

- a set of 64 synth sounds for Kontakt, fully editable and customizable:

- 33 patches that reproduce the sound of several legendary synthesizer solos, drawn from songs that have shaped the history of rock, pop and fussynthroid

- Resipro, DIVA, REPRO-5, Obsession, Serum, EVI-NER, DCO-106, surrealistic MG-1 Plus, etc

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