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Very useful VSTs for EWI playing : pitch bend curve, vibrato, growl effect

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Mostly I use EWI5000 as a midi controller and various sound modules such as hardware synthesizers(Analog & digital) and multiple virtual instruments on my PC. Thanks to a DAW like Cantabile performer, its midi filters and various midi VSTs, I can achieve very good control of sound tones with my EWI. Some instruments are very responsive to breath control and nice real time control over vibrato, pitch bend, growl , etc out of box such as VL synthesizers, sample modeling instruments, audio modeling instruments. But many of others do not have these. To overcome this limitation, I have used VST plugins such asMVibrato, Graillon 2 and midiPBCurve. They have been my essential plugins with my sound design/EWI performance.

1. MVibrato from MedalProduction

- This has high quality audio engine which can generate vibrato effect on any sound source

- I use a midi binding on DAW - set modulation(bite sensor from EWI) midi cc #1 to RATE parameterazosin on MVibrato

- You can shape vibrato by choosing shapes, width, depth, etc

- It can generate nice tremolo, modulated synth sounds as well.

2. Graillon 2 from Auburn Sounds

- It is a live voice changer for pitch shifting, pitch correction, etc. But I use it to make growl effect. I route any sound patch into the Graillon and use a midi biding on DAW - set midi cc from EWI glide sensor to 2nd octave parameter on Pitch-tracking mod on Graillon 2.

3. midiPBCurve from Insert Piz Here

- It can allow EWI pitchbend sensor to have different pitch bend range, pitch change speed , pitch bend shape over any synthesizer tones.

- It can cause unexpected high CPU load at times.

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