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Updating my Augmented EMO (final update)

Updated: 3 days ago

I have been testing my augmented EMEO digital saxophone and updated it with several improvement.

  1. Added a small pipe inside the saxophone neck/mouthpiece and sealed bite sensor part in order to minimize air leak. Now I can play longer passages with one breath.

2. Added a CME WIDI host for Bluetooth midi connection for EMEO. EMEO has a Bluetooth midi connection capacity but it has some latency.

3. Added a 10,000mAh rechargeable battery (18W) which can turn on EMEO and run other midi devices attached to my EMEO (2 CME WIDI hosts, 2 Audiofront MIDI expression controllers). Original EMEO's Bluetooth connection process is a little bit cumbersome in my opinion- you need to turn on the instrument, then have to blow the instrument while midi connection is being processed on Bluetooth BLE app on iPAD. In my current setting , my instrument is ready to play as soon as the power is on from the rechargeable battery as I programmed all Bluetooth connection as automatic.

** Materials

Final update - 2/25/2024

  1. Mouth piece / bite sensor : better design, safe rubber cover for a pressure sensor

2. Midi Octave Key : better sensitivity and accuracy

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