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To Be A Passionate Leader

Updated: May 8, 2021

I have been thinking of being a good leader where I am working. I took a leadership course from American Association for Physician Leadership, which shaped my leadership philosophy and styles. I also learned a lot about effective communication skills.

As I have been involved in multiple areas of work and organizations, I started thinking of what I am most passionate for and what I care most for in my work life and in this world.

I found the following articles are helpful about why passionate leader matters.

Why Passionate Leadership Matters

- Passion inspires others to join and identify with your vision.

- Turning vision into reality requires passion.

- Passion is Rooted in Making a Difference

Passionate Leadership: 12 Key Traits That Distinguish The Best From The Rest

  1. Passionate leaders rise above naysayers. They seek solutions rather than problems, critique instead of criticize, and look for the good in every situation.

  2. Passionate leaders have a profound understanding of people. They are open-minded, appreciate differences, and respect divergent opinions.

  3. Passionate leaders are outstanding communicators. They listen with intent to genuinely understand, rather than to advance their own agenda.

  4. Passionate leaders have clarity of vision. They are future-focused and have the capacity to engage others to realize their goals.

  5. Passionate leaders see opportunity in adversity. They recognize that failure is part of success, and embrace challenges.

  6. Passionate leaders are fuelled by positive energy. They surround themselves with like-minded people and are enriched by collaborative relationships.

  7. Passionate leaders have compassion. They give for the sake of giving, expecting nothing in return.

  8. Passionate leaders are resourceful. They recognize potential and intuitively utilize others’ strengths, rather than try to be all things to all people.

  9. Passionate leaders anticipate rather than react. They are free thinkers and do not subscribe to the “herd” mentality.

  10. Passionate leaders take action. They are risk-takers, execute ideas, and do not dawdle or dwell in the past.

  11. Passionate leaders are lifelong learners. They remain teachable, aware, and tuned into key trends.

  12. Passionate leaders believe in themselves. They trust their gut instinct, do not take criticism personally, and are undaunted by obstacles at work, in business, or in life.

The Art of Passionate Leadership

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