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Sequencing synthesizers with Arturia Keystep Pro

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

I started leaning music production by sequencing synthesizers. I got an Arturia Keystep Pro - versatile 4-track midi sequencer and arpeggiator. My new Keystep pro is connected to Roland Integra-7 for drum, percussion, synthesizers , to Moog Werkstatt-01 as bass, to Modal Craftsynth 2.0 as bass, lead, to Roland SE-02 for bass, lead, melody. It can also control my other hardware synths, software synths and iPAD synths(DigiStix drummer) via DAW midi routing.

Note: KSP Drum machine's default midi channel is 10.

Some useful websites for drum programming ;

1. DMP : Drum Machine Pattern

2. Instant Drum Patterns 200 & 260 midi files

5. Drum Programming : 12 top tips for realistic MIDI drums

Update : connecting KSP with Moog Werstatt-01

1) Gate out (KSP) - > Gate in (WS)

2) Velocity/Mod out (KSP) - > VCF CV in (WS)

3) Pitch out (KSP) - > VCO Exp FM in (WS)

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