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Reverb tips

The Reverb is a very important tool gluing all instruments and backing track together and can make sound great. But I realized I have used too much reverb on my recordings. With my earphone, one sound recording can be very pleasing to my ears but once it is uploaded into Youtube, I hear too much reverb - sound got too muddy and soft.

Here are some tips that I learned from experience, online reading. (except ambient sound setting, which definitely needs a lot of reverb.)

  1. Scale down on the reverb . Use it as little as possible. " Natural reverb... If you hear it, it might be too much. Turn it down till you cannot hear it...then turn it down a little bit more. "

  2. When you keep reverb audible to your ear, use a longer pre-delay

  3. Do not use too many different types of reverbs/spaces

  4. Use EQ to reduce the highs and unnecessary low-end.

  5. Sound playing through speakers will add more reverberation due to acoustic distance . When you work on mix with headphone, drop down the reverb on whole.

  6. Use sends and returns in your mix. control amount of sends and wet/dry mix on each instrument while keeping return effect as 100% wet.

  7. Use Delay if reverb is muddying the mix

In my case, I use a Cantabile Performer as live setting / recording. The Cantabile does not support sends/returns aux as it is not a DAW. Therefore I decided to use a Console 1 with SSL SL 4000E.

More to learn from IZOTOPE website :

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