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Reasons to read the Bible every day

These days, I set a daily reading plan for the Bible and stick to it. After finishing dinner in the evening, my wife and I take our dog, Lily, for a walk around the neighborhood. Then, I immediately sit down to read the Bible. On weekends, I attend Bible reading lectures at my church. These two activities have greatly helped me understand God's word and learn how to live a life of faith as a Christian.

Pastor John Piper's podcast also explains very well why it is important to read the Bible daily.

Ten Reasons to Read the Bible Every Day

  1. Scripture saves.

  2. Scripture frees from Satan.

  3. Scripture imparts grace and peace.

  4. Scripture sanctifies.

  5. Scriptures gives joy.

  6. Scripture protects us from destructive error.

  7. Scripture is the hope of heaven.

  8. Scripture will be resisted by some.

  9. The right handling of Scripture is approved by God.

  10. Scripture gives and sustain life.

영적인 삶의 양식인 하나님의 말씀을 언제나 어디서나 읽을 수 있도록 성경을 주심에 감사합니다.

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