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Re-visitation to VL70-m

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I am planning to get another VL70-m unit. I still believe a VL synth is the best match for a wind controller. I am going to re-study its sound editing and playing techniques.

I found the following youtube video which inspires how to play VL70-m patches with a wind controller. (I believe this was played by EWI 4000s). Watch pitchbend bars, expression bars and listen to vibrato sound and pitch bending.

After doing multiple experiments, I was able to figure out the pitch bend technique showing above video.

  1. Vibrato - mixed methods including breath vibrato, modwheel (cc 1) type vibrato with bite sensor, and pitchbend up & down (even repetitive bending down only can achieve good vibrato effect)

  2. Setting EWI 5000 pitchbend range is key. Pitch bend up to +15 / Pitch bend down to -40. ( This can be varied based on a person's preference and how strongly the pitch bend sensor is pushed)

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