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Re-visitation to VL1-m

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

I recently got a lot of extra VL1-m sound patches from my FB friend, a synthesizer specialist living in Japan. I am having great joy playing VL1-m with these patches nowadays. I have owned and tested many sound modules for EWI but surely I can confirmed that a physical modeling synthesizer is the best for EWI . And the VL1 is the best one so far. (VL70-m is also very good!)

MIDI Implementation Chart & Voice lists for VL1-m

Download PDF • 338KB

Real time sound modulation by MIDI CC

- usually done by MW1: MIDI CC 1 & MW2 : MIDI CC 13

- additional sound controlled by MIDI CC 16, 17 (see above voice list)

- not allowed to target cutoff value by MIDI CC74

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