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Os Guinness : What is My Purpose?

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

What is my purpose? Dr.Guinness provided biblical answers on this very important question : calling from God. God gave us, christians, very clear callings, which gives us a purpose of our life.

1. Calling as a follower of Jesus

2. Calling as a servant

3. Calling as a steward

4. Calling as a entrepreneurial citizen of God's kingdom

Dr.Guinness' ending prayer well summarized the important points in his sermon.

" Lord, you have called us and our great privileges to rise to follow you. We have nothing that you didn’t give us and we want just to give every last gift back to you and then I will today With such staggering needs. we pray that you will use the little resources that we have to meet the needs of the many around us. So we pray give each of us a deep sense of your call of service, stewardship and being entrepreneurs and may we each have a privilegde when you return of hearing your great words; "Well done good and faithful servant." Help us, Lord, to live like that that we may hear your approval. In Jesus name, amen."

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