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Oh, Oberheim, DSI OB-06!!!

Updated: May 9, 2021

My wife graciously approved my possession of DSI OB-06. This has been my dream synth and should be my last analog synth collection. I think this is the one of the best-sounding polyphonic synthesizers. For a monophonic synth, I am very happy with VL70-m, VL1-m (dual phonic), Moog Mother 32 and SE-02. I know it is the best for keyboard players, unfortunately not for EWI players. But I have been working to figure out the way that EWI can control this synth. So far I can achieve a certain degree of expressiveness from breath controller by using aftertouch and MIDI-to-CV interface ( sending CV output to DSI OB-6 foot pedal filter cutoff jack).

OB-06 Commercial Patches demo

How to set up EWI for DSI OB-06

Option 1) : I use a Codeknobs OB-6 editor on my DAW. I can map midi cc 2 to filter env amount, loudness env amount as well as aftertouch (max) to loudness. In my experience, this gives you the best responsiveness from OB-06 by breath controllers.

Option 2) Set EWI to send only Aftertouch ( not midi cc 2 nor volume control). Set Aftertouch to control Loudness and/or Filter options , etc with desired amount.

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