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New Home Studio Set up

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

I had rearranged my home studio gears as I had to paint my whole house. During this renovation, I had sold some of my gears and instruments and left the most essential for my music production. The only synthesizer is not showing up here is the DSI Mopho, which is in my portable music performance case.

I also arranged 4 cameras to capture performance videos.

My favorite wind controllers

  1. Berglund Instrument NuRAD

  2. Akai EWI 5000

  3. Akai EWI-USB augmented by me

  4. Yamaha WX-5 modified by me

  5. Artinoise re.corder ewi-fied by me

My favorite synthesizers for wind controllers

  1. Roland SE-02

  2. Novation Peak

  3. DSI Prophet REV2, Mopho

  4. Yamaha VL1-m, VL70-m

  5. Dynasample XpressO

  6. Yamaha Motif-rack S

  7. Roland Integra-7

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