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My favorite IOS synths for iPhone

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

I have used iPAD for music recording/midi editing as well as software synthesizers much more often than my home studio hardware gears. Recently I switched my Samsung Android smartphone to iPhone. Although I love a Samsung phone very much, I decided to go back to the iPhone because I can use the iPhone for music playing and production.

I have tested multiple IOS synthesizers for EWI. Here are my top picks.

  1. Yonac Magellan 2

- Filters are so smooth and well responsive to breath midi controller (cc #2)

- legato support, portamento, aftertouch

- excellent dynamic

- easy to use, easy to create patches

- free BC patch available at WX5 workbook Blog (mkirino01) (Magellan 1 patches work in Magellan 2)

(You should be set the CC Map of Magellan.

PREFS --> CC/LEARN --> Synth1 --> Filter 2 --> Frequency

CC = 2 (or your breath controller's MIDI output CC No.)

Type = C)

* The synth above youtube is Magellan 1 (discontinued). This patch still works in Magellan 2.

2. Moog Model 2

- I love Moog Model D and its emulations such as Roland SE-02, Softube Model 72 syntheszie, etc.

- This gives beautiful expression from EWI playing including legato, portamento, LFO vibrato.

- Commercial EWI patches are available

3. Zeeon

- Sounding very nice.

- Easy to program

- free EWI patches available

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