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Moog Werkstat-01 EWI patch - Soft Sawtooth lead

Very expressive Moog Werkstat-01 Sawtooth Lead patch.

My Werkstat-01 is controlled by the CV.OCD (midi to CV controller). EWI5000 sends midi signals to CV.OCD.

1) set CV.B : midi cc #2 to control CV 5V - control velocity of notes - connect o Wekstat-01 VCA CV IN & VCF CV IN ( use a Y cable)

2) CV.A control - note pitch - connect to Werkstat-01 VCI EXP FM IN

3) CV.D control extra linear pitch shift similar to portamento effects : Foot pedal sends midi cc 5 to CV.OCD to Werkstat-01 VCO LIN FM IN (Note lower voltage to 1V)

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