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Monosynth pack(?) for iPAD with EWI

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I still love hardware synths than software synthesizer....Korg Volca is battery- powered and DSI Mopho is powered by my EWI-Bento. All perfect portable!

Mopho patches can be managed directly on iPAD by a patch base appetite.

Korg Volca patches can be saved and restored on by MIDI explore app on iPAD. Volca is not wind controller friendly but Mopho can modulate Volca's sound from external audio in function and its filter. Breath control (midi cc #2) is set to control the cutoff of Volca and the Mopho filter cutoff as wellas VCA envelope. Now Volca works beatifully with EWI.

Update (11/30/21) > I use a Focusrite 18i8 audio interface which have 8 audio inputs for iPAD. I made a small rack with Yamaha VL70-m, Yamaha TX81Z and Roland XV-2020. This is a great combination with different sysnthesis - physical modeling and frequency modulation.

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