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Update : MIDI script creating dynamic velocity from breath (midi cc#2 )

I have learned that some of midi wind instruments only send fixed velocity , which may limit the tonality and expressiveness of the sound from sound modules. For example, SWAM(Audiomodeling) instruments play notes very loud with fast attack when a note velocity is max. Roland AE-01, Artinoise re.corder, YDS-120/150, cheap chinese wind controllers like Konix DC02/DC02 pro/DC06, etc can only send fixed velocity. But EWI series, Yamaha WX series, EMEO and NuRAD/NuEVI send dynamic velocity - these are high- end midi wind instruments.

I am going to work on the midi script which can convert breath midi cc#2 into dynamic velocity. I had created the one in the past . I am going to apply it to my augmented YDS-120 for better playing experience.

** Watch the velocity meter on the following video. Re.corder cannot send dynamic velocity but I was able to create it based on breath cc#2.

This is my final outcome - my augmented YDS-120 has various velocity , controlled by midi cc#2 (breath)

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