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Learning sound synthesis with Moog

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

I have been studying sound synthesis with Mood Mother-32 Analog synthesizer. My goal is to create beautiful synth sounds for EWI. I have a Doepfer Dark Link USB-to-CV interface which convert my EWI's breath control CC into CV output - connected to VCA CV input & VCF cutoff input on my Moog Mother-32 synth. The Moog Mother-32's audio output is connected to BOSS RV-500 reverb along with Roland SE-02. The Moog sound is really smooth, deep and warm. In my setting, the Mother 32 is very responsive to EWI.

Moog Mother 32 patches site 1

Moog Mother 32 patches site 2

Design your own Patch : Online Patch Design Sheet

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