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Foot MIDI controller set up : Nektar + expression pedal + BOSS FS-6

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

I have used several midi foot pedals in the past. But Nektar has been the best as it is very much customizable and expandable. I attached my old BOSS FS-6 pedal, which change my synthesizers patches, and expression pedal - I usually use it to control portamento for brass/Sax in realtime while I am playing EWI.

Update on 11/29/20

- Now I have 2 expression pedals connected to the Pacer : the one for Portamento time(MIDI CC 5), the other one for Expression ( MIDI CC 11).

- I added a on-and-off power button on Boss FS-6 as it turns on always as default.

Here is my final updated foot pedal setup.

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