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EWI-fy ARTinoise re.corder

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

1) Performance #1 : Fly Me To The Moon - SWAM Trumpet IOS

2) Performance #2 : Over The Rainbow - Yamaha VL70-m

3) Performance #3 : from Schindler;s list - SWAM Violin

AKAI EWIs are my favorite wind instruments. They support multiple midi functions suitable for my music playing styles and techniques. I recently obtained an ARTinoise re.corder in hopes to make it as the smallest midi wind instrument. It is not expensive at all and is made as a real soprana recorder - you can blow it and it will play pretty soprano tunes without a cap on its window and labrium.

The real fun started since I was able to figure out my own fingering on it - 100% customizable fingering. But I missed the fact that the re.corder does not have a pitchbend and a bite sensor althought its 2-axis motion sensor is quite good for extra expression.

From my previous experience modifying EWIs, I decided to EWI-fy the re.corder. After multiple experiments and adjustment, I was able to add a bite sensor and a pitch bend button ( ptich down only). It works great. I also added a 4 way mini midi joystick on it for more midi cc controlls while playing. It is mainly thanks to the Audiofront midi expression controller - it takes a force sensitive resistor inputs and convert them to midi messages. I also use a midiflow on my iPAD - which allows unlimited midi-programming - wonderful software.

Here are some of my work photos.

Here is my ewi-fied re.corder

More important step - MIDI programing via MIDIFLOW

1.SWAM Trumpet IOS midi setup example

2. Yamaha VL70-m midi setup

I also revised re.corder caps to make it more sensitive to breath. I prefer EWI as closed or semi-closed system so that I can play long with less breath.


A few tips for better performance as a midi wind controller for hardware/ soft synth ( update to be continued...)

  1. Close the cap over the window almost with small air leaking

  2. (Maybe helpful or maybe not - I get inconsistent outcome from these) Add rubber stickers on last two holes to improve tactile sensation for semi notes. It also improves accuracy of playing the C, C#, D, D# notes. (see picture below : several options)

  3. Twist the end of the re.corder clockwise for better contact from right little finger. (I would not recommend this for everyone as it is very hard to twist the body of the re.corder. Even you can break the inside circuit and will definitely lose waranty - not sure if there is factory waranty offered by Artinoise.....) Or you can hold it toward right side like flute playing.


ARTinoise re.corder website :

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