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EWI-Bento iPAD station

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I created the second iPAD music station as the one that I created before is conneted with multiple hardware synths so it became no longer portable. I also found that iPAD is a perfect midi & audio music production tool and decided to make all peripheral devices within the one box like a lunch Bento!!!


1. Selectable audio midi devices : it has two USB audio interfaces - Apogee JAM mono audio input interface, Behringer UCA-222 stereo input & output audio device. There are also two open usb ports which can be connected for USB microphone. I have Focusrite audio interfaces and a RME audio interface which can be connected to those USB ports. You can activate each USB audio device by pressing the buttons.

2. 4 powered USB ports for USB-MIDI controllers , including EWI-USB. Included a USB MID expression pedal controller (Audiofront) where an expression pedal or sustain pedal can be connected.

3. Customized midi controllers : dial, buttons, and 3 knobs - dial is used for transpose for EWI-USB by midi programming. 3 buttons can be assigned for record, play, rewind, mute, sole, etc. 3 knobs can be assinged for track volumes, sound modulation parameters for IOS synths.

4. Others - This system has a portable powerbank inside and it charges iPAD. It can also power up small hardware synths via a ripcord converter(USB to power).

5. All fit well into a plastic carrying case - portable!!!

Detailed parts

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