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Completed : Augmented EMEO project

Updated: Jan 6

I finalized my augmented EMEO - This project settled down by following the alto saxophone configuration. I feel the most comfortable playing the EMEO in this setup. I added a bite sensor and pitch bend button, connected via Bluetooth midi(thanks to CME WIDI Host). EMEO is a great instrument - only thing I don't like is its limited octave range - the same range as real saxophones (two and a half octaves). I may consider attaching the bell from a used alto saxophone to be complete appearance of a real saxophone.

Emeo Instruction Manual V.1.9
Download PDF • 552KB

Emeo Altissimo Fingering Guide
Download PDF • 697KB

** update : Thanks to the Noise controller, I was able to add wireless midi buttons, extra midi octave key on my EMEO.

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