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Before & After Jesus Christ, I am...

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Before I met Jesus personally...

I was born in sincere Christian family but had not met Christ personally until I had encountered hardship during my medical training and immigration process in U.S. When I was young, I had tried to please my parents by becoming a successful student at school and by meeting their expectations. I attended Church on Sundays as it was my family routine.

Although I was a nice boy to everyone, I had strong ego with self-righteousness. My goal was to be a better person than anyone else around me. During my college period, I was deeply involved in a student activist group for social justice and democracy. I had spent 4 years working in educating the poor people in urban area who didn’t afford basic education due to their poverty.

I did have a quite different life path compared to my other medical school colleagues and was not able to find my identity and destination in Korea . So I decided to pursue a new life in U.S. After coming to U.S., I had to work very hard to survive and to support my family. At that time I didn’t know about the intimate relationship with God and its importance. I didn’t feel Jesus’s love and His work as real.

Becoming a true Christian

During my life in U.S. immigration, I had encountered very difficult situations which made me humble and led me to God. I had no one to reply on and to ask for help. Thanks to my wife, sincere Christian brothers and sisters from the church that I was attending, I was drawn closer to God. More I see Him, more I could found comfort, peace, and hope in his Words. I was becoming His true worshiper. On one day in 2009, the Holy Spirit came upon me while I was praying during a missionary training course. I could feel God’s presence and the warmth of Holy Spirit. I realized myself as a sinner and confessed and repent my sins with tears. I remember that I was struggling with guilty feeling and anxiety prior to this experience. In His presence, my self-rightness and arrogance was broken down and guilty feeling was taken away. I was able to see Jesus as my redeemer. My heart was filled with love from God and grace from Jesus. I was transformed into a new being.

My life change after meeting Jesus

My personality has been changing in favorable way as well as my value and purpose of my life. God created me to glorify Him and to love people. I am trying to use every encounter or relationship with my family, friends, patients and others as an opportunity to serve them or to do good for God’s glory.

I believe that Jesus lives and believe in the power of His name, the work of Holy Spirit. I work with people and treat patients with this faith.

My message to someone who has never heard gospel before...

God created world and all the creatures.

Man is sinful and the wages of sin is death.

God loves us and sent his Son, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins.

Receive Jesus as Lord, then you and your family will be saved for eternal life.

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