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Augmented YDS-120 JHR edition

Updated: Apr 20

During the Easter season, I endeavored to enhance my second version of the augmented YDS-120. Motivated by the celebration of the resurrection of my savior, Jesus Christ, I christened this modified YDS-120 as the JHR edition, signifying "Jesus Has Risen."

This iteration boasts several enhancements, including a genuine straight soprano saxophone mouthpiece, pitch bend capabilities, motion sensor integration, improved octave key switches, installation of a rechargeable Li-Po battery, and full Bluetooth wireless MIDI functionality. Addressing a design flaw inherent in the Yamaha YDS series, I implemented a waterproof system for the breath sensor, ensuring greater durability and performance reliability.

Work Process Picture

1. Mouthpiece Part

2. Body Part

3. Bell Part

4. Waterproof for breath sensor

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