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Augmented EMEO 3 - Final version : Alto

Updated: Feb 27

I finalized my augmented EMEO - alto saxophone version. I added a bite sensor, pitch bend, midi octave key and multi-midi function keys. I attached a real saxophone bell. I had considered the Synthophone before but I had to change my mind because it is too expensive. With my augmented EMEO, I am very happy and am settled.

  1. Comparison with (Augmented) EMEO and an Alto Saxophone

2. How to augment the EMEO

A. Bite sensor

  • Pressure potentiometer with MIDI expression controller, CME WIDI host

B. Pitch bend

  • Piezo element sensor with MIDI Expression controller, CME WIDI host

C.MIDI octave key & multi midi key buttons

  • Noise Machine NM SVE (Bluetooth midi)

D. Real saxophone bell (treatment for the usb cable, spit pipe, power switch, etc)

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