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Arturia Microfreak with EWI

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

I have been playing the Arturia Microfreak with my NuRAD and EWI5000. I used iPAD for midi programming and audio processing. The Focusrite Solo is an excellent tool for preamp & audio interfacing. Here is the tip on how to play the MF with wind controllers.

- Microfreak responds to Aftertouch (Channel Pressure). You need to assign PRESSURE to the filter Cutoff on MF Matrix. Set the amount of modulation : around 90%

Vibrato setup by midi CC #1 ( Mod Wheel / EWI bite sensor)

- midi mapping on DAW to set cc #1 to control cc #93(free) or 94 (sync) on MF in order to control the MF's LFO rate. Assign LFO on MF Matrix to PITCH. Set the amount about 0.3-0.4% (higher amount will bend the pitch of sounds too much)

- Choose LFO shape on MF : either tringle or sine wave

- You need to adjust the bite sensor (midi cc #1) amount for appropriate vibrato effect

Pitch bend range setup : go to UTILITY, then PRESET -> set BAND RANGE to 2 semitones.

** MF firmware update 4.0 or above allows user wavetables to be imported to multifactorial. You can play with them under WAVEUSERS option. I have imported SERUM's wavetables into MF. MF sounds great!

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