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Amazing small gears for music performance/EWI playing

I have used the following small gears for my EWI playing and instrument modification. They are very useful. I like to introduce them here.

  1. CV.OCD MIDI to CV converter

- smooth conversion from midi breath cc 2 to CV. It is better than Doepfer dark link

- I use this one between EWI/NuRad and Roland SE-0hospital

- merge multiple USB controllers into one midi output. You can connect multiple USB midi instruments via USB hub and then connect that into this small device. Magic happens.

- Thanks to this, I was able to make an augmented EWI-USB.

3. CME WIDI HOST, WIDI Master wireless bluetooth midi transmitter

- low latency. very handy, portable, easy to use

- WIDI HOST can send midi signal from a single USB midi controller

- WIDI Master can send and receive midi signal from each other.

- For IOS musician, this tool gives extra usb inputs which can be used for connection with USB midi controller/instruments. With this, you don't need external powered USB hub.

You can make any synth portable as this one provide AC power. You can connect the synthesizer's power supply cable here. You don't need a ripcord. I use it for Roland SE-02 and Dynsample XpressO as the ripcord cannot provide enough power for these synths.

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