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Palliative Care : Dignity Therapy

I had read about dignity therapy while studying palliative care. Here is my brief note and and patient's interview on dignity therapy.

What is dignity therapy ?

  • Or called as legacy therapy

  • Comfort patients nearing the end of their lives

  • Encourage patients to share their life stories or moments in a way that can be captured for their families and friends. The stories includes difficult topics such as traumatic experiences. This activity encourages patients to examine both positive and negative life experiences. It helps patients to explore whether severe life events can result in positive outcomes like improved self-concept, coping skills, social relationships and enrichment of life.

  • The therapy can be provided by a psychologist, social worker, or chaplain

  • This therapy can improve the sense of purpose and improves symptom(s) management (such as pain, anxiety , depression ) and coping skills

  • It improves patient’s treatment experiences. Legacy activities might also positively impact the quality of treatment experiences through effectively communicating the experience to others in a multisensory approach.

  • Expressing their story could be writing, drawing , speech (visual digital storytelling), creative arts activities as form of expression

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