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Nunomo QUN mk2 Synthesizer with a wind controller

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

QUN mks2 is a unique pocket synthesizer with sequencer and looper. It is very inexpensive and offers full synth function like various sound modulations and effects. I was able to configure it to be used as a wind synth. It also supports Quad voice mode ( 4 voices together) and Poly Quad if multiple device stacked configuration.

My Performance setup : TC-Helcon Go TWIN as Audio/MIDI interface

My MIDI mapping setup

1. cc2 (wind controller) to cc22 (mk2) : VCF cutoff (MSB)

2. cc2 (wind controller) to cc90 (mk2) : VCF volume (limit the value to avoid clipping)

3. cc5 (wind controller - portamento) to cc114 (mk2) : Glide

4. cc1 (wind controller - MW) to cc84(mk2) VCF LFO volume : vibrato (limit the value for more natural vibrato)

5. cc1 (wind controller - MW) to cc79(mk2) OSC1 LFO Tune : vibrato

Different setup& sound patch example from a wind synth pioneer, Manabu Kirino

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