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Jesus My Healer

- played with EWI 5000 & Yamaha VL70-m Alto Saxophone patch.

- Korean CCM artist Tent Maker song

- backing track by Worship Flow :

- Korean Saxophonist Nina Kim Cover :

Jesus My Healer

Jesus is my good healer

where his eyes stay is my sorrow and agony

when I looked up and saw his eyes,

I knew it Jesus is my good healer

Jesus is my good healer

Where his hand touches me is my wound and pains.

My tears, which seemed to last forever,

stopped all Jesus is my healer

I will sing to you He takes care of sinner,

I praise to my savior

I will raise my hand to where reach the sky.

Jesus is my healer

The slideshow photos from - royalty-free photos. I acknowledged the following photographers ; Edward Cisneros, Yannick Pulver, Jametlene Reskp, Kat J, Ben Hershey, Anh Nguyen, Alicia Quan, Luis Galvez, Claudia Wolff, Ben White, Jon Tyson, Wesley Tingey, Nani Chavez, Motoki Tonn, Ismael Paramo, Rod Long, Milada Vigerova, William Farlow, Ksenia Makagonova, Gabriel, Grant Whitty, Vaishakh pillai, Hanna Wernecke, Brett Jordan, Robert Nyman, Aaron Burden, Zachary Olson, Nathan Anderson, David Beale, JonTyson, Josphua Earle

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