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Integration of Korg NTS-1 and iPAD

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Quick Demonstration : using Korg NTS-1 as sound module for EWI

- In this video, NTS-1 was played by EWI5000. My EWI 5000 has a panda midi wireless transmitter.

- Transient apps is used for better dynamic control. Mozaic midi vibrato script was used to control vibrato by EWI bite sensor ( midi cc #1)

How to set up iPAD with NTS-1

1) Use a midiflow app to do following midi mappings

a. fix channel pressure to maximum and fix note velocity to maximum

b. midi map breath control (midi cc #2 ) to filter cutoff (midi cc #43)

2) How to set up Transient apps for better dynamic

a. Insert Transient app as effect apps in AUM

b. set midi map incoming breath control (midi cc#2) to control output gain

Bonus tip : NTS-1 Patch editing and management by Web MIDI Browser on iPAD

How to set up iPAD for this

a. install WEB midi broswer from app store

b. open Midiflow and create a virtual midi-output port and a virtual midi-input port. Route midi signal : NTS-1 to virtual midi output port, virtual midi-input port to NTS-1. In my case, I name virtual midi output port as "NTS-1 virtual" and virtual midi-input port as "Out to NTS-1"

c. Open WEB midi brower. Type NTS1SQC web editor address in url -

d. Change knobs setting and hear the sounds. Unfortunately physical knob moving is not affecting web editor knob position. (only one way. I don't know why....)

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