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I am pressing on the upward way

This is the hymn song that my grandma loved. My family used to sing this song together when we remembered her. I believe she is in heaven as she accepted Jesus Christ as her savior. I know we will see her again there. The background song was created by the Band-in-a-box. I changed the time signature 3/4 from original hymn to 4/4. I used the samplemodeling trumpet with my EWI5000 as a solo instrument and the Serum synth with EWI as background. The slideshow photos from - royalty-free photos. I acknowledged the photographers' names on the last slide.

P.S. I just learned about the copyright claim on youtube video and decided to avoid it by creating my own backing tracks, playing royalty-free hyms, etc. I hope I can wright my own gospel songs some day.

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