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EWI Player : Dave Chambliss

Dave is a retired Nurse. He served as a former U.S. Air Force Bandsman. He plays WX5 with VL70-m. He plays jazz music as a member of Nashville Jazz Cats. His recordings are available in Youtube, amazon, apple store and googleplay nowadays.

He plays VL70-m brass like a real musical instrument. His main patches are 'Bird alto', 'trumpet', 'muted trumpet', 'harmonica' , etc. He creates his backing tracks with a Band in a Box.

I remember him as a faithful and kind gentleman. He set up my VL-70m and inspired me with his music and faith in God. He also helped me to use a BIAB and gave me lots of his BIAB files. He is the one who made me to love VL synths - I ended up acquiring VL-1m synthesizer later. (much more expensive nowadays than original price). I still believe VL70-m, VL1, and VL7 synthesizers the best sounding module for EWI.

God bless Dave!

Here are some of his recordings;

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