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EWI-Clarinet Project

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

I found cheap digital wind instruments online - Konix DC02 digital wind instrument, KONIX DC02, DC02 Pro - there are many other names/vendors selling the same products online (less than $80). I thought they might have potential as a mini, super-portable EWI. So I had tried to upgrade these cheap instruments to a better midi wind controller, ending up creating EWI-Clarinet series. I added a bite sensor, pitch bend, portamento/growl pad, thumb rest, motion sensor , wireless midi function, a bigger/louder speaker, etc. I also replaced some keys for better sensing and easier playing.

However, I admit that they won't be good wind controllers - They only sends midi cc 7 from breath (it can still be usable by midi mapping to breath midi cc 2). They do not send real time velocity / after touch. Their midi notes are not suitable for legato playing. The Bluetooth midi has significant latency. (But USB midi connection is much better) . I overcome this by using the WIDI midi host - converting USB midi to wireless midi- very minimal latency. It had been just fun for me working on various EWI functions that I feel important for EWI playing.

Snapshots on my modification work

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