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  I am a geriatrician in Boston. I graduated from Seoul National University School of Medicine in Seoul, South Korea and earned the master degree in public health at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, USA.  After finishing my geriatric training at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School, I have been working at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Milton as  primary care physician, geriatric specialist as well as geriatric medical director.

  I am also serving multiple long term care facilities as medical director and actively leading the care teams to achieve the best possible quality of care for the frail elderly at nursing homes.    In addition, I have great compassion for the patients with terminal prognosis and have been serving them as hospice medical director.

  I have 2 wonderful children (Andrew, Hayne) and a cute toy-poodle, Lily, at home. I met my wife, Eun Jung, in Seoul, South Korea, who has been my great supporter and soul partner in faith.  (Of course, she is an excellent cook for Korean food, which is vital to my whole family's well-being!).  We are Christian family revering Jesus Christ as our Lord. We worship God together and are making efforts to serve our neighbors.

  When I was single, I self-studied clarinet briefly. When my son, Andrew, wanted to learn a musical instrument in his early childhood, I let him pick up my old clarinet. He used to take a private lesson at New England Conservatory in Boston and I had to drive him there every Saturdays . One day I decided to take a lesson for myself from his instructor and became more interested in the wind instrument. 


  Several years ago, I happened to watch someone playing the electric wind instrument(EWI) and found it fascinating and very suitable to my busy schedule.  I could practice it with an ear phone at midnight.  My basic clarinet technique and childhood piano lesson helped me to improve my EWI skill quickly. Shortly I was able to start playing gospel songs with EWI at the nursing homes where I was working. It was mainly to entertain the folks at nursing home but I really hoped the gospel music would awaken their faith in God.  Later I had traveled into other nursing homes for the gospel concert with college student musicians from my church. Christmas and Easter are the main season for my EWI performance.


  I trust and praise almighty, faithful God and thank Jesus Christ for His love and salvation.  I always desire Holy Spirit and long for bearing the fruits from the Spirit in my life.  My life mission is to heal the sick , console the suffering, teach Gospel in order to make peace between God and the people who don't know Him.  I am interested in medical theology and palliative care and hoping to be an expert in those fields in near future.

Thank you so much.  God bless you!

From Boston.

Min Keun Song, MD, MPH, CMD, HMDC, CPE

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